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I wanted to do a summer internship ever since I entered the Engineering college. Being a second year student, it was difficult as companies prefer students from the third year which is the official time to do an internship as per the college curriculum. So by some good guides, resume selection, and an encouraging background I woke up one day with a mail from the HR that I am selected for a 3-week long internship on Wireless Networks. The mail said that other details shall be given on arrival which was a week later( this was enough for a perfect starting of my day).

Ironically, my dream of summer internship was now being fulfilled as a ‘winter’ internship. So on the joining day I wake up from my cozy warm covers to a real corporate world for the first time. I get ready and on the way to the office in the car, I wonder how my mentor will be. I also suddenly feel sceptical whether the idea of doing an internship was even right at the first place. Nevertheless, the car stopped and I realised I have reached my destination. I bid adieu to my father who had come to drop me who in return wished me good luck for the day.

I entered the building, waited for the lift. I was fidgeting with my nails until the lift reached 6th floor where my office was. I entered the office and  introduced myself to the receptionist and told her i was called for joining. She seemed to be expecting me and told me that my mentor is waiting for me in the conference room on the left.  I go as directed and in the rightmost chair i find him sitting behind his laptop.  By his face I could tell he might be in his early thirties. He looked up when I knocked  the glass door and welcomed me with a warm smile. He told me to take the chair opposite him and made me comfortable by arranging water and coffee. He introduced himself and told me quickly about the company and its reach in the market.

The lessons began and he taught me from the very basic to the deepest in all the topics we would study, very patiently. I made quick notes and asked doubts every time I had one. He solved them sometimes directly and other times asking me to think and find probable solutions hence making my thought process stronger.  He was indeed a good teacher. I understood the topic well and additionally, learnt the importance of deep knowledge from him.

During the breaks he would share his college days memories and we both would laugh whole heartedly on his funny incidents. I too would share my present college experiences. He shared stories about his college, family and work-life. Sometimes during the training he would receive crisis calls. He would think of a protocol to solve it and calm others. He was always smiling and radiated positive vibes. This was another lesson I learnt – to maintain the cool and have an optimistic approach even in critical situations.

In due course I learnt that Sir was a technical specialist. Even though now his job profile was of management, he told me he keeps toying around with his laptop and other gadgets.  He taught me a lot of new functions I never knew my laptop was capable of. Lesson learnt – its good to be techno-savvy if you are not.

My “mentor” as the receptionist suggested, was not just a great mentor. He was a friend , a teacher, a techie and most importantly a motivator who taught me a simple lesson unknowingly- keep smiling, it will make you feel better.

A good mentor is the best thing that can happen to a fresher. They can teach you multiple  things which no book is capable of teaching. And of course, they can guide you in the best possible way.We students should keep our mind open for knowledge and experiences openly. Its the perfect time to gain knowledge and make mistakes and most importantly meet good people and learn new things.



A meteor wiping out the dinosaurs
A flood drowning Atlantis
Great wildfires
Sometimes in order to clean the slate
And start something anew
A stormy cataclysmic event must take place
Wipe out the land
And then new grass grows
And then maybe a tree
And then a new ecosystem…
So it also is with relationships
It started out stormy
There was jealousy
Green-eyed monsters
Who hated our love
Despised our happiness
And did everything in their power
To destroy it
The monsters blew winds into the ocean
Shook the earth
Ignited fires
But eventually the storm subsided
The monsters ran out of energy
And gave up
The waters calmed
And the dark clouds blew away
The sun came out
The grass started growing back on the ravished land
And the new beginning commenced


I don’t know what it is?
Why do my brows crease?
My eyes loose their sparkle
My heart is ill at ease?

Why are my thoughts inane?
Why does negativity freeze?
Triumphs do not satisfy
My heart is ill at ease?

My missions don’t reassure
Why do uncertainties tease?
I don’t have belief in me
My heart is ill at ease?

Why do I crave acceptance?
And try to always please?
Even when I know it’s wrong
And my heart is ill at ease?

Ill at ease, ill at ease….
Why this harping noise?
The daring and the righteous
Grow in stature and size!!

My whole life I…

My whole life I’ve been telling myself “don’t be afraid.” And it is only now that I’m realizing how stupid that is. Don’t be afraid. Like saying “don’t move out of the way when someone tries to punch you.” or “don’t flinch at the heat of the fire.” or “don’t blink”. Don’t be human. I’m afraid and you are afraid and we’re all always going to be afraid, because that’s the point. What I should be telling myself id “be afraid, but do it anyway.” Live anyway.


When the crowd casts a shadow on you,

Remember not to be the many in a few.

Eyes hungry for experiences,

Similarities and the differences.

The yearning of eminence,

In the swarming ambience;

Color the life with its shades,

Before the smile on the face fades.


When yellow, blue, purple is being splashed,

Remember to cede black before it is clashed.

Gleaming gazes to the heaven,

Across the cloud number seven.

The lull before the storm ,

The feel of cold after being warm;

Color the life with its shades,

Before the smile on the face fades.


Because, it’s never wrong without the right,

And its always empty without the sight.

So seize the colors and splash the around,

Let the lost hopes be finally found.

Strength, audacity, hope and a smirk on the face,

Is all it takes to untangle the life’s maze.

… so lets color the life with its shades,

Before the smile on the face fades.




I felt it when I landed in Mumbai for the first time – The Magic. No I am not exaggerating  neither am I explaining the adrenaline rush which Harry Potter feels before waving his wand and shouting – Expelliarmus! I am rather referring to a simple feeling of belonging, to a city unknown. A feeling of knowing that everything will be fine here.  As my taxi drove me to my college via the sea link bridge, I was amazed and realized the fact that I am grinning already!

Mumbai is a city full of life. The local- its rush inspite of its high frequency, the people-  running against time yet stopping to greet, the traffic – which never clears, The vada pav stalls –  every 2 blocks, the roads – not maintained neither diverted , the food –  delicious and cheap, the nightlife – thrilling and happening, The Ganesh festival – so celebrating, The Bollywood – focal point of every actor and actress, The sea – the Sea that talks. It’s the solution to every problem. In spite of the trash that’s clustered on the beach, it has a soothing effect on you whenever you go and lose  yourself in its gentle waves . Maybe it is this sea only that absorbs all the stress, the pressure and the rush which would otherwise have set on the city like a blanket. One long walk on the beach, and you are at ease.

People call Mumbai – The city of dreams. Its true, in every sense.  I have realized this in the five months of my stay already. It has endless opportunities and extraordinary experiences. It makes you an individual and the hustle makes you grow. You find yourself one in the crowd yet apart. You travel with hundreds in the same local to set off for your own unique destination. Your own idiosyncrasy.

It is okay to dream a little extra, to talk a bit more,to tend to reach a little higher,  and to expect much more here. Because it is the city lights, which will do it all for you.Image

So celebrate this city, celebrate your years here; as long as you can.