I felt it when I landed in Mumbai for the first time – The Magic. No I am not exaggerating  neither am I explaining the adrenaline rush which Harry Potter feels before waving his wand and shouting – Expelliarmus! I am rather referring to a simple feeling of belonging, to a city unknown. A feeling of knowing that everything will be fine here.  As my taxi drove me to my college via the sea link bridge, I was amazed and realized the fact that I am grinning already!

Mumbai is a city full of life. The local- its rush inspite of its high frequency, the people-  running against time yet stopping to greet, the traffic – which never clears, The vada pav stalls –  every 2 blocks, the roads – not maintained neither diverted , the food –  delicious and cheap, the nightlife – thrilling and happening, The Ganesh festival – so celebrating, The Bollywood – focal point of every actor and actress, The sea – the Sea that talks. It’s the solution to every problem. In spite of the trash that’s clustered on the beach, it has a soothing effect on you whenever you go and lose  yourself in its gentle waves . Maybe it is this sea only that absorbs all the stress, the pressure and the rush which would otherwise have set on the city like a blanket. One long walk on the beach, and you are at ease.

People call Mumbai – The city of dreams. Its true, in every sense.  I have realized this in the five months of my stay already. It has endless opportunities and extraordinary experiences. It makes you an individual and the hustle makes you grow. You find yourself one in the crowd yet apart. You travel with hundreds in the same local to set off for your own unique destination. Your own idiosyncrasy.

It is okay to dream a little extra, to talk a bit more,to tend to reach a little higher,  and to expect much more here. Because it is the city lights, which will do it all for you.Image

So celebrate this city, celebrate your years here; as long as you can.


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